8Pcs Kitchen Messer Set GI-12

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8Pcs Kitchen Messer Set GI-12


1 Have a hassle-free time of preparing ingredients with the Kitchen Prince 8-piece Knives Messer Set
2 Made with High Class Stainless Steel, you can be assured that the Kitchen Prince 7-piece Knives Messer Set will be durable enough to be of your service in your kitchen for years to come.
3 Material: Stainless
4 Box includes: 1 pc. Chef knife 1 pc. Bread knife 1 pc. Boning knife 1 pc. Utility knife 1 pc. Scissors 1 pc. Sharpening 1 Glass block
5 Dimensions/Product Weight: 14 x 25 x 34 cm / 2 kg.


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