ABS Advanced Body System

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ABS Advanced Body System


  • Abs Advanced Body System:
    The more you bend, the faster your results. The secret is simple. By increasing your resistance, your body exerts more energy, you’ll see the results faster and you’ll getthe body you want in no time. Sophisticated anti-break material. The ABS is made with sophisticated material that won’t break, even under 3000 lbs of pressure. Customization resistance. ABS allows you to target specific muscle groups in your upper body, lower body and core


  • Resistance increases as you exert more force.
    • Includes workouts for core, thighs and total body.
    • Durable exercise ball.
    • Flexible blade uses force and resistance to tone muscles.

    Abs Advanced Body System Size : (Size based on Millimeter)
    Abs Adavced Body System – 720 x 420 x 70
    Abs Advanced Body System Weight : 28 Kg



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