Audionic Blue Tunes BT-1050 Bluetooth Channel Speaker

  1. Specifications
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Audionic Blue Tunes BT-1050 Bluetooth Channel Speaker


Bluetooth Wireless

  • Use your computer*, tablet or smartphone to control your music and stream audio wirelessly. Whether next to the Blue tunes or across the room, you’ll enjoy wireless freedom and simplicity.

Excellent sound for any speace

  • Audionic Blue Tunes speaker delivers clear, room-filling sound. The 2.0 Channel Hi Fi Audio system is engineered to provide superior acoustics for any space.

Works with non-Bluetooth devices

  • Connect the BT 1050 wirelessly to computers that don’t support Bluetooth using the USB transceiver. Or, use the 3.5 mm auxiliary input to plug in any device with audio output like TVs, music players or game consoles.

Easy Controls

  • Audionic BT 1050 2.0 Channel Hi Fi Speakers have remote with it. You can control all the functions from distance. No need to move for every action.


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