Audionic PACE-6 (5.1 Channel Speaker)

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Audionic PACE-6 (5.1 Channel Speaker)
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  • You've got your music on your personal device, and you are ready to play it works wirelessly with all bluetooth device .

USB Port

  • Play audio files directly from Flash Drive.

Built-in FM Radio

  • Built-in FM Radio. Use this speakeras a FM Radio without connecting it to the PC.


  • Slot Just Plug in the SD/MMC Card in  Card Slot and enjoy audio

Ease With Wireless Remote Control

  • This Speaker system comes with a wireless that has full function in adjusting your Sound Output Levels.

5.1 Channel Sound

  • Included 5 Satellite Speakers to Handle higher frequency and 1 Subwoofer for lower frequency. This combination makes extraordinary sound quality 


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