Braun Energy King Massager

Braun comes up with this energy king massager that gives immense body relaxation when you use it to give your body a refreshing non tiring experience.

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Product Name
Braun Energy King Massager
Braun Energy King Massager BR-888

Energy King Massager - professional massage at home has now become available to everyone.

  • Penetrating massage stretching body and mind.
  • strong and vigorous beating function.
  • With speed adjusting function.
  • Streamlined design, light and nice.
  • Non-Stop speed massage strength is more convinient to use
  • Long enough handle is more flexible to massage back and waist
  • Eight interchange massage head
In Energy King Massager massager, you can:

- Ease the pain caused by obstructed blood circulation in the elderly.
- Relax the muscles and eliminate pain caused by loads in training.
- Ease muscle spasms neck and shoulders caused by the awkward position while sleeping
- Get rid of fatigue after a hard day

Massage Body Energy King Massager:

- Has a few different nozzles with magnetic tips
- 8 different attachments allow you to do as acupressure and massage your hands the same
- 4 modes of massage
- The microcomputer controls the massager and gradually speeds up and slows down the devic


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