Camry BR9707 Bathroom Scale

Camry bathroom scale gives your body fat % and body weight and you realize how much you need to gain or lose your weight just by a simple machine!

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Product Name
Camry BR9707 Bathroom Scale

Product Description

An attractive, solid and easy-to-use mechanical bathroom scale from Camry, the BR9707, features a sure-grip, highly textured mat with a solid steel base and plastic platform.

Camry Mechanical Bathroom Scale BR9707 Features:

  • Mechanical Bathroom Scale.
  • Capacity: 120kg/360 lb.
  • Graduation:1kg/2 lb.
  • Dimensions of the scale: 28.8 x 27.7 x 6cm.
  • Packing volume: 64 x 30.2 x 32.3cm, 10 pieces/carton.
  • Net weight: 16.7kg.
  • Gross weight: 20kg.
  • 20-feet container can hold 4410pieces.


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