Camry DT612 Bathroom Scale

Camry bathroom scale gives you idea of body weight and you realize how much you need to gain or lose your weight just by a simple machine!

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Product Name
Camry DT612 Bathroom Scale

Product Description

Monitory your body weight on a simple, daily basis with the help of Camry Wide_platform Bathroom Scale Mechanical Personal Scale. Its heavy-duty construction and non-skid vinyl mat are just a few features of the Camry DT602 scale that make it a full-time health partner for budget-minded customers. They feature a white, baked-enamel finish and personal color indicators to mark one person's or a whole family's weights Home Appliances. The large-diameter dial allows for easy readability no matter the user's height. The scale is designed for personal use, in fitness centers, and in health care facilities.

Camry Mechanical Bathroom Scale DT612 Features:

  • Capacity: 100kg/350lbs.
  • Dimensions of the scale: 34.5x27.5x11.3 cm.
  • Packing volume: 64 x 39.5 x36.7 cm
  • Net weight: 12kg.
  • Gross weight: 15.1kg.
  • 20-feet container: can hold 1224pcs.
  • 40-feet container: can hold 2520pcs.


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