Casio Portable Printer Calculator HR-100TM-BK-A

An easy device for all the users out there. This printing calculator helps you in calculation as well as print them too for you convenience.

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Product Name
Casio Portable Printer Calculator HR-100TM-BK-A

Casio Portable Printer Calculator HR-100TM-BK-A



  • 12 Digits
  • 2 Colour Printing
  • Printing Speed (approximately 2.0 lines/sec)
  • Cost/Sell Margin Calculations
  • Currency Conversion & Tax Calculations
  • Easy Conversion between US$ and three local currencies
  • Easy Conversion between local currencies
  • Tax Calculation
  • Extra Large Display
  • Item counter for easy checking of invoices and accounts
  • Independant Memory M+, M-, M<>,M*
  • MU/MD Key gives quick access to prices and profits
  • Sub-totals, totals and grand totals accumlated and shown on print-outs
  • Full decimal system-Floating; fixed (0,2,3) with round-off; add mode
  • Quick corrections of mis-enteries with the move-back shift key
  • 2-way power source: 4AA size batteries (included) or optional adaptor (AD-A60024)
  • Uses standard size 58mm (2-1/4") plain roll paper


Rs.2,999/- Rs.2,599/-

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