Digital Baby Food Warmer 6-Bottle JBY76

Digital baby food warmer is highly effective and saves a lot of your time. All sorts of bacteria and germs are removed.

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Product Name
Digital Baby Food Warmer 6-Bottle JBY76


  • Quick and highly effective
  • With LED display to indicate the remaining sterile time
  • Disinfects up to 6 bottles as well as accessories in 8 minutes
  • Contents remain sterile for 3 h if lid remains closed
  • Elimination of all harmful bacteria without any chemical additives
  • Optical and acoustic signal
  • Includes removable bottle grid to keep the bottles in position
  • Includes tongs
  • Cable rewinder
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Low energy consumption (220-240V)
  • Measurements: ø 22.5 x 33.5 cm
  • Weight: 1228 g


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