Digital Tasbeeh 20 Pieces

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Digital Tasbeeh 20 Pieces



Islamic Ring finger tally digital counter-Lap Track, Ring Run Speed Skating, digital counter, belt adjustable.

Tally Counter - Lap Track/Ring Run Speed Skating/digital counter ,Belt adjustable



  • The world's smallest commercially available electronic tally counting device
  • Adjustable finger strap - discrete - hardly visible.
  • Tally counter suitable for business, pleasure and many sports.
  • Counts up to 9,999 laps, runs, goals, strokes, overs, hits, people, goods delivered etc etc
  • For use in cricket, triathlon, baseball, basketball, walking, cycling, parachuting, rifle shooting, bird & bat watching,also training for almost any sport - football, hockey, stool ball, golf, skater etc
  • In business as a crowd counter, storekeeper, stock control, libraries etc etc, whether you are a referee, umpire, scorer, coach or other official or simply trying to count your own performance, Can also be used for counting trees, plants, fishing, even karaoke and other singing contests - the list seems endless juding from the number of people buying them!   


  • Ergonomic design 
  • One hand operation   Long-life battery 
  • Easy to read  
  • Easy to use Perfect for self lap counting   
  • Rugged case   
  • Bold display  Large function button   Light weight
  • Finger/ring/hand







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