Gemei GM-638 Professional Hair Clipper

The Gemei GM Hair Clipper has stainless steel blades that trim or shave easily. Simply select the right angle to comfortably reach all parts of your head, no more need for laborious trips to the barbers.

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  • Excellent Clipping function.
  • Wired/wireless operation.the memory function can be used when there're no Ni-cd batteries.
  • Charging for 8 hours,the clipper is allowed for about 45 minutes wireless use.
  • When the battery is low-energy,the clipper can be plugged in for use.
  • It's easy for cleaning and replacing UPCT blades,with gentle clipping and scraping
  • When not used its blades can be unloaded for cleaning.
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Rs.1,499/- Rs.650/-

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