HBT Gear Waist Trimmer

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HBT Gear Waist Trimmer


  • GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR FITNESS WORKOUT - Must have if you are walking,running,cardio, aerobics,weight lifting, or wear it around the house or at work!

  • SWEAT MORE & GET RID OF TOXINS - gets rid of water weight fast & slims your waistline.

  • TONES MID SECTION / SUPPORT & WARM BACK MUSCLES - Designed to cover and target the entire stomach area to compress & work your ab muscles. Great for love handles.

  • WIDER COVERAGE & HIGH QUALITY - Manufactured with soft premium fabric built to last. Adjustable neoprene sauna belt that won't rip like other products. Velcro fastener centered for wider coverage & to secure tight.


To Order Call: (021) 111-222-220 (10 a.m to 11 p.m.)
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