Jinjiali Scissors Series H-369

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  • The use of Special Stainless Steel,Sharp notches and durable is a professional tailor and your best choice


  • The handle of scissors through manpower design.using environmental protection of antibacterial materials,use convenient and sanitary.
  • Design built-in spring automatically bounce locks design.use easily smoothly and comfortable.
  • Professional production line equipment,cutting high rigidity,sharp and practical.
  • The locking design of scissors use convenient and practical open the locks can use normally automatically bounce locks.
  • Please use carefully.
  • The concave position uses for cutting tree shape object and cartilages.such as chicken foot bone.

Matters needing attention:

  • After getting in touch with the sour salt material,should wash and dry immediately.
  • Don't let the handle of scissor get too close to the hear.
  • keep sanitary,wiped it clean after use up.


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