Kenwood FP570 Gourmet Processor

Kenwood Gourment processor began with the observation that the food comes in different ways. The Kenwood Gourment processor comes with multi blades disc for numerous preparation option so that you can make different dishes with less effort.

  1. Specifications
Product Name
Kenwood FP570 Gourmet Processor
Kenwood FP570 Gourmet Processor

Technical Details

  • 450 Watts
  • High grade stainless steel knife blade for precise chopping and thorough blending
  • Simple one-piece construction bowl with smooth lines for easy cleaning no loose parts, no fiddly assembly and no food traps
  • Easy locating bowl for hassle-free cooking
  • Safety interlock prevents the motor from starting unless the bowl lid is correctly positioned
  • Safety finger grip on knife blade ensures secure handling whilst fingers stay away from the blade
  • Useful cord storage reduces trailing flex on the worktop
  • Double-sided reversible shredding and slicing discs for compact storage to save space in your kitchen
  • Complete rigid stainless steel discs no awkward or hazardous assembly
  • Disc storage capsule for safety and convenience
  • Generous 1.3 litre capacity, dishwasher safe bowl and lid with twin feed tubes
  • High speed liquidiser ideal for blending soups, drinks.



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