Magic Eye 3 Tone Contact Lenses for Daily Wear

Here comes the new collection in lenses with magic eye 3 tone power contact lenses that are available in various shades.

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Magic Eye 3 Tone Contact Lenses for Daily Wear

Magic Eye 3 Tone Contact Lenses for Daily Wear

Base Curve: 8.60 mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 42%
Material: 2-HEMA
Method of production: Lathe cutting & casting method.
Eight attractive colours available.

It looks like clear-crystal eyes for wearers.
The color lenses intended to make your eyes more natural and beautiful.
Greater comfort to lens wearers and easily adapt to your eyes, and offer ease of handling with simple application, removal and cleaning.

Comfortable Wearing:
MAGIC EYE color lenses are designed mainly to reduce the discomfort from it’s inception. So, it can offer a comfortable fitting, fast adaptation, and less objection to the beginners, as well as existing users.

New Manufacturing Technology:
MAGIC EYE color lenses are manufactured by “Casting Method for Edge Out” Technology with Multi-Curve Structure on the surface designed especially to reduce the cornea pressure & eyestrain and to help the fluent tear circulation.

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