Micro USB MHL to HDMI Adapter Cable

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Micro USB MHL to HDMI Adapter Cable


  • Input Connector: Micro USB MHL Male x1 to connect your smartphone.
  • Output Connector: HDMI Male x1 to connect hdtv, no need to buy hdmi cable additionally
  • Other port:  Normal USB  Cable x1 to connect TV'S usb or USB charger for charging
  • Weight (Net): 50g
  • Length: 2M (~6.5ft)
  • Uses this single, thin adapter to connect the mobile device to the HDTV
  • USB cable connected to Computer or Power Adapter even tv's usb port for charging
  • Built-in MHL Receiver converts a single differential pair to HDMI four differential pairs
  • Supports max resolution to 1080p and all bandwidth between 25-75MHz
  • Your smartphone must support MHL function for output video to hdtv.
  • USB cable  should be connected to power when using this mhl adapter. 


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