Oppo Cervical Collar Plastic

Oppo cervical collar is designed with holes for ventilation, giving your neck the perfect support.

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Product feature:
• Completely height-adjustable to provide desired flexion or extension positioning.
• Vinyl-covered foam padding for patient's comfort and easy cleaning.
• Ventilated to allow air circulation.
• Hook and loop closure for quick, easy application and removal.

How to wear:
• Apply the collar to the neck with the chin on the chin rest.
• Adjust the height of the cervical collar using the hook and loop straps to decide the proper position of the head.
• Before attaching the hook and loop closure strap, make sure the head and neck are in neutral position.
• Fasten the hook and loop strap securely.

• Post-surgical support
• Cervical fracture
• Soft orthopedic Cervical spondylosis


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