Paint Zoom

  1. Specifications
Features :
  • Easy safe and effective.
  • become a popular since it’s so easy to use, powerful and works quickly in getting your painting jobs done.
  • Forget painting using traditional methods such as paint rollers, brushes and paint-trays and use the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer to do all the hard work for you as you just have to pull the trigger and get the job done like a professional with no drips and no errors.
  • It works perfect for paint, stain and varnish whether you’re working inside or outside.
  • This paint sprayer works efficiently using half the amount of paint to get the job done while saving you money.
  • Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer is made from ultra-durable and super-light material that will last you for years.
  • It is powered by a 650-watt industrial strength motor inside the portable pack that delivers the power you need to get the job done.
  • Using Paint Zoom is as easy as just pulling the trigger and the Paint Zoom delivers the right amount of paint to the desired surface.
  • Easy to use: Just fill the container with paint, turn on Paint Zoom® and press the trigger to apply an even coat of paint.
  • Paint Zoom® is also easy to clean.
  • Just rinse the container with water after use.
Paint Zoom includes:
  • 1 plastic hose
  • 1 plastic nozzle
  • 1 plastic paint container
  • 1 nylon strap


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