PCI 2.0 Usb 4c Port Card

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PCI 2.0 Usb 4c Port Card
Add 4 Super Speed USB 2.0 ports to a computer through a PCI slot. It is compatible with all kinds of
computers. 4 Port PCI USB 2.0 Adapter Card / PCI USB 2.0 Card Adapter / PCI USB 2.0 Controller / SATA
Powered PCI USB 2.0 Card / USB 2.0 Expansion Card
Add Quad USB 2.0 Ports to a desktop PC / Connect USB 2.0 peripherals to a legacy PC through a PCI slot
/ Standard and Low Profile USB 3.0 PCI-X Card .Optional SATA Power for high power USB 2.0 devices
such as external hard drives


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