Remote Cable Tester

  1. Specifications
Product Name
Remote Cable Tester

Product Information:

  • Detachable module for testing two remote points.
  • Open/Short wiring test.
  • Connected wires display.
  • Ethernet 10 and BASE-2 termination value detector.
  • A network cable tester for USOC4/6/8, Ethernet 10-BaseT/10Base2, EIA/TIA-568A/B, A&T 258A, Token ring, telephone, AppleTalk, PhoneNet cabling systems. Ideal for testing cable before and after installation. Supplied with carry case.
  •  Open/Short wiring test
  •  Connected wires displayed
  •  No connection/termination display
  •  Non-parallel display
  •  One step operation
  •  Automatic deactivation
  •  Separable module design for testing two remote points
  •  Ethernet 10Base2 terminator value detection
  •  RJ45, RJ11, BNC and 3-pin Mini DIN connections
  •  LED indicators
  •  Powered by 1x9V PP3 battery - not supplied.


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