Sober Look Saudi Abaya LA-0015

This black jersey abaya is an ideal choice for all ladies who wants the perfect wrap over with a simple and elegant design.

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Abayas Specifications:

  • works around the clock to ensure that all pieces you purchase are of highest quality. Our team shops around for the latest fashionable Abayas & Hijabs in the market and brings them to your doorstep. All the Abayas listed on the website are prepared specially for clients. We ensure to deliver you Abaya that is worth the price you pay to us.

The Fabric:

  • Our Saudi Fursan Jersey Stretch fabric is every Abaya's must-have, as it not only looks beautiful, but is extremely comfortable and can be worn at daytime or night!. We pay extra to have these items made with higher quality stitching and the best machine washable fabrics in the market.

The Design:

  • All of our Abayas have perfect design (unless mentioned otherwise) and elegant embroidery work and scarf. There are various factors that have to be considered in the print quality and we choose the best quality prints in the Abayas we sell. We want the Abayas and Hijabs to be durable and stay longer.


Free Size:

  • Width: 25.5 "
  • Length: 52.5 "
  • Sleeves: 22.5 "
  • Limited Stock:

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Rs.5,549/- Rs.2,850/-

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