Genius Nicer Dicer Fusion

  1. Specifications
Product Name
Genius Nicer Dicer Fusion
Product Description
The Nicer Dicer Fusion ingredients can chopped, stirred, beaten, mashed and crushed – without effort and as you wish! Hand crank you have it in
Easy effortless handling and cutting absolute control Fast and targeted work with consistently perfect results
Mix Tank
Integrated guide mandrels for secure fastening of blade inserts
1,250 ml
Transparent cover
Stabilization of the blade inserts for a safe and effective way of working! Filler opening for flexible addition of liquids, spices, etc.
Blade inserts
Each equipped with three sharp saber blades for perfect results! Crushing even the most sensitive foods in no time!
1 x Winch
1 x Crank cover
1 x crank-base
1 x Mix Tank
1 x transparent cover
2 x blade inserts

Rs.1,999/- Rs.1,350/-

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