Universal Tool Stripper Grey

  1. Specifications
Product Name
Universal Tool Stripper Grey


  • GB Gardner Bender GTPS-200 Strip UTP STP Flat Round Telecom Cable Silver CAT3 CAT5 High Impact ABS Construction Lever Action Stripper Cutter 18-22 AWG Cable Stripper Cutter Tool.


  • Cleanly strips UTP, coax, flat cables.
  • Hardened-Steel Blades.
  • Suitable for AWG 26-9.5m.
  • Dimensions 2"(W) x 4 1/4"(H) x 1/2"(D).
  • Telecom Cable Stripper and Cutter.
  • Cable Stops for Precise Strip Lengths.
  • High-Impact ABS Plastic Construction.


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