USB LED Light For Notebook And PC

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USB LED Light For Notebook And PC


  • Light up your NOTEBOOK any where you wish. 
  • Directiy plug the USB LED LIGHT into the USB PORT on your NOTEBOOK or pc. 
  • No external power supply is needed, Just easily turn on your NOTEBOOK or PC to power the USB LED LIGHT.
  • Switchless USB LED LIGHT. Remains on until you unplup the USB LED LIGHT or turn off the NOTEBOOK or PC. 
  • Gently adjust the fiexible neck of USB LED LIGHT to position the flylight anyway you wish.
  • Power saving design comes with reliable LED LIGHT. LED LIGHT is rated to average 8, 000 hours of use.
  • Durable featherweight construction and samll enough for taking anywhere easily.
  • It fits into your case as easy as it fits your style.



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