Water Zoom High Pressure Cleaner

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Water Zoom High Pressure Cleaner


  • Wash your car and water the plants effectively and with ease with the Water Zoom that can transform any standard water hose to a high-pressure cleaner.
  • The Water Zoom features 2 nozzles (jet and fan) that are perfectly made to cater to all your cleaning needs.
  • It is compatible with any ordinary watering hose and can be used to wash your car, garage and more.
  • The Water Zoom is made of aluminum, plastic and brass that uses high-pressure to help you save water and energy whenever you’re doing all your watering chores.
  • Color available: Yellow
  • Dimensions/Product Weight: 5 x 16 x 82 cm / 0.64 kg


To Order Call: (021) 111-222-220 (10 a.m to 11 p.m.)
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